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With the need for adaptability, innovation, and agility, companies move away from monolithic ERP applications to headless application architecture. This means that the same data object (i.e. product, consumer) exists in multiple applications with their own definitions, sources, and business functionality. This means that the data definitions remain "locked" in individual systems and there is no centralized repository for data definitions.

Furthermore, the amount of data is growing rapidly each day thus increasing its complexity. The challenge that most enterprises face today is how to understand and efficiently manage this goliath of data that can span multiple applications.

This is largely restraining enterprises from delivering on flexibility, innovation, customer-centricity, and the use of digital capabilities to drive growth.

Naabhik removes these obstacles by providing a toolset and data solution framework that helps enterprises to create a reliable logical data architecture that is easy to understand. This allows enterprises to create living and breathing artefacts enabling them to be much more responsive as time goes by.

By helping enterprises understand their data, Naabhik enables them to identify architectural moves in the strangler fig method. This will give value unlocks in the present while building for the future, and create clarity and understanding throughout the enterprise towards What is data? Where is it? How is it accessible? Etc.

Naabhik helps enterprises gain central governance over data which in turn enables them to gain insights to innovate and develop customer-centric products and services.


Naabhik is a technology partner that helps leading fashion and retail brands move from monolithic ERP applications to a headless application architecture.

Naabhik has expertise in architecture and developing solutions with cutting edge technologies for companies seeking to meet growing demand for flexibility, innovation, and agility.

With extensive experience in next-gen technologies like machine learning, blockchain, workflow automation and use of digital capabilities, we help companies deliver solutions with flexibility and customer-centricity to drive growth.

Our core expertise is strong software product development and IT service capabilities with quality and innovation.

Our Product


Naabhik provides a toolset that helps companies create comprehensive but easy-to-understand logical data models ensuring consistency, standards. This helps reducing the complexity of data and gives freedom to modularize and work in an agile way. 

The toolset provides easy access to cross-system data definitions, thus eliminating redundancy and duplicity. This results in consistency and accuracy which boosts insights and analytics.

Naabhik enables the “entitification” of data and establishes relationships between these entities. This helps with understanding:

  • What data is stored in which application
  • How data flows across applications
  • Data dependencies and mapping rules
  • Data requirement by Business Process
  • Data definitions (Technical, Business glossary)
  • Data ownership by domain

We provide a rapid implementation methodology, domain-specific template, data architecting expertise, and incremental approach to help enterprises to build system-agnostic data definition framework with our solutions.

Once implemented, in-built collaborative features like commenting, sharing and approval workflow helps to manage and evolve the data definition framework.

Our Offering
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